Fortis Media - 411S

I’ve already searched and have not been able to find my answer thus far.
I’m hoping someone can help me or direct me to the answer I’m looking for…

I have found an absolutly amazing sale on a “25 pack of (branded) Fortis 4x DVD-R’s”.
Only 26.18USD!

I’ve got a 411S (well it’s under the xmas tree anyway) and will be flashing it right away.

Problem is I don’t know if they will work with my burner…
After reading around I am of course wary about using super cheap media and wasting my money.

BUT when searching the entire forums I’ve found two posts that sorta (not really) helped.
and here

I don’t get the technical details quite yet so I don’t really know how to find out if they will work.

The media is called Fortis “A” grade if that helps.

Thanks for the help, this is a very good forum with allot of great information!

My other option is “Ritek 4.7GB RiDATA G04 4X DVD-R , 50 Pack” (unbranded) for 67.33USD. I think they may work… but I’m broke and I doubt my wife will be please at spending that much money!
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Are you looking at the prices from Memory Express?

Anyhow, I’ve been wondering the same about the Fortis discs - I believe they are rebranded but ran out of money to try them out.

As I mentioned in my own thread, I bought a 411S and a 50 pack of the Ritek G04 discs - initially had a problem but it seems it was the drive. Swapped the drive for a replacement and now the G04s seem to be working perfectly.


OCFreak got his in Europe, so these may well be different. I’d go with the G04, it’s widely available and a known media to work well enough with the liteOns. At least at 4x. $67 is a good price on them, but if you shop around you might find them under another brand on sale.

Yes from memoryexpress, prices on the site are in CND. (you must be a fellow Clagarian… small world!)

Like I said though spending that much money isn’t really an option. It’s either I buy a 10 pack for about the same price. Or the 25 pack which is a MUCH better deal.

I’m sure eventually someone will know if they will work… I hope anyway. I’m not going to be buying anything till boxing day. So hopefully someone will have been able to help me out by then :smiley:

I personaly stay away from Fortis… Not so good write quality. Better with G04.


BUT will they work?..

I have also found another sweet deal.

“Pine 25-Pack 4.7GB 2X DVD-R Media”
A couple dollars cheaper.
Again after searching the forums I am unable to find any information on them and my burner

Should they work in my burner?

Maybe check my review before asking? :wink:

Scroll down and you will find Fortis DVD-R made by dvsn test results…

How embarassing!

Sorry about that, I searched everything but the review!
I had read the review before I actually bought the burner so I didn’t think to look back on it.

I have now bought a 25 pack of Fortis media, the price went down even further!
Also, my supplier said they will refund my money if the disc’s don’t work, so you can’t go wrong with that!

So if this media works out I am going to be really happy :bigsmile:
I will post my results afterwards just to verify that it worked.

Here are the results.
Absolutly horrible but I think it may be from the new firmware FS0G… I’ve posted here asking about it.

Although, at least they burned and will read in my main DVD player… :eek:

I hope that it’s just the new firmware that is giving these high errors because using FS07 and the same discs OC Freak got acceptable results…

My disc is written with FS0F and scanned with FS07 (yes I’ve two drives).

Lucky guy :bigsmile:

If/when you upgrade to FS0G can you please scan the Fortis media that you have to see if you get similar results?

I think I’m going to bite the bullet, pull off some stealth moves and sneak some money past my wife to purchase that 50 pack of Ritek G04’s.

Hopefully that will help with my error results and/or setop DVD players problems… I don’t want to mess around and go back to FS0F using any illegal programs that will void my warranty. So looks like I’m stuck with FS0G.

PS- OC you rock! :bigsmile:

EDIT: Great. Now people are saying Ritek may not be a good answer. It seems no local suppliers have any good media and I am in a city of over 700,000! :frowning:
That thread is here

OMG the rsults burning at 2x are even worse! I didn’t think it could get any worse than what it was but here it is.
By far the worst results I’ve ever seen so far on these forums…
PI avg 1376 and PO avg 883 :eek:

The disc still manages to play in my newer Philips DVD player so I can’t believe these results are true…
I wish I knew if this was a result of the FS0G f/w messing with the kprobe results or not…

Well I went back to FS0F and am happy now.
I bit the bullet and went and bought a 50 pack of Ritek (RiData) whitetop DVD-R’s and burned no problem.

My official statement on the Fortis media that I had is it’s crap. Crap and and a little more crap! :Z

Ah well I’m happy now, plays in everything I’ve tested it on now and wasn’t that expensive.

Here is the results from the scan with Ritek Media.