FORTIS CDR: they are good?

Hi to all,

some one know Fortis CD-R?

They are good?

I have tested different CR producers… but the quality is all the same, with the only difference that a Verbatim cost 0,20 euro, and a “fortis”, “intenso”, “done” cost only 0,09 cent of euro :frowning:

If some one have experience with fortis cdr inform me.

Thanks very much

They are usually made by CMC Magnetics and OK for non-important stuff.

CMC is the same go Philips CD-R?

[QUOTE=Antigen;2602385]CMC is the same go Philips CD-R?[/QUOTE]

Yes, both Philips and Fortis branded CMC made CD-Rs are roughly comparable in terms of quality.