Fortex Iran - manufacturing facility photos

Thanks to Peter Müller I can post a few pictures from manufacturing facility of Fortex Iran, the biggest CD-R manufacturer in Iran. Their facility is equipped with ten 4M’s MCL6 CD-R lines.

The entrance to the factory:

The bags with a granulated polycarbonate:

Drying of granulated polycarbonate:

Freshly installed manufacturing lines (4M MCL6) (still without injection moulding machines):

Shrink-wrapping of manufactured CD-R media:

The happy owner of the company (Asef Asefi):

First manufactured CD-R media (Peter Müller & Asef Asefi on the picture):

Guann Yinn’s silk screen printing machines:

A short video of shrink-wrapping of manufactured media:

A video of 4M MCL6 machine manufacturing a media:

Very nice, thanks pepst

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wanted to say thanks.
do you know how much did the whole facility cost ?

> 10 million €.