Formerly known as Longhorn



MICROSOFTS next operating system is going to be called windowsvista
Personally i preferred the codename “longhorn”


Yup me too!



Cool! :iagree:


Yep, Longhorn was a better name.


Yeah. But you can’t go past Apple’s naming of their OS after big cats. :slight_smile:



Longhorn reminds me of Texas…too country, like the president.

I like Vista, it’s a more contemporary name.


Windows next generation OS … sounds like bad porn.


:disagree: Porn is something I like, this new name I don’t like. :stuck_out_tongue:


Longhorn wouldn’t be a bad name for porn

I don’t know why, but I have the feeling that the threadcircle now is round…


Vista sounds dumb to me, for me as a non-native-english-person it just sounds like NOTHING.
sure, xp’s codename was whistler (which i like), and so ‘longhorn’ also only was a codename for the development phase - everyone should have known this - but ‘vista’ is a bad choice in my eyes.
why not just calling it ‘traditional’ windows 2006?


Why not call it WINDOWS DRM because everything will soon have it one way or the other…


What a dumb name. Windowsvista… ties my tounge into a knot.


One more reason to ditch Windows :slight_smile:

Does anybody know what vista stands for?

V iruses.
I nfections.
S pyware.
T rojans.
A dware.


I’m not a native-English person but it doesn’t sound like nothing to me. What’s your native language?







“Vista” is Spanish for “look” or “sight” or “view,” as it’s the past participle used as a noun, emphasizing the action of looking at something with the vision/eyes…

Dee-ehn: ROFL! Great Acronym! A good friend of mine from Nicaragua says the same thing about Windows; she’s never had trouble like that with Linux.

Yep, dumb name change. Sounds like they sawed its horns off and tried to make the ‘bloody mess’ a prettier picture. :eek:


Looks like microsoft has stepped on someone elses toes and they could be sued as the name is already registered if this is true then someone at redmond should get sacked for not doing there homework (lol someone that has the name lives just down the road in redmond)


In an Arnold voice “Hasta la vista, windows”