Former RIAA boss talks Napster, 10-year anniversary

I just posted the article Former RIAA boss talks Napster, 10-year anniversary.

The now infamous Napster peer-to-peer file sharing program recently marked its 10-year anniversary, causing many music industry insiders to reflect back on the music industry then and now.


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Seems funny that they don’t include that it was their closing down of napster, that caused the decentralized p2p technologies. If they hadn’t taken down napster, it may have never evolved to kazaa and other decentralized p2p programs, which then evolved into torrents. Them shutting down napster totally bit them in the a**, I like how they act like they weren’t the direct cause of it… lol

The RIAA also made people aware of the likes of Napster by making such a big thing of it. I know it got me interested back then…

True! and if it wasn’t for the Metallica vs Napster thing, many of us would’ve never heard of it! (and many would’ve bought more Metallica albums instead of boycotting them for being both crappy and anti-cunsomer!!)

sigh Napster, I remember Napster - most certainly the good old days… :iagree: