Former Mozilla CTO: Google Chrome has won the browser war - hardly any future for Firefox

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Although Mozilla recently started a campaign to convince users to switch from Chrome to Firefox, the company has lost the browser war, according to Andreas Gal, Mozilla’s former Chief Technology Officer in a blog. If the current trend on the browser market continues there is hardly any future for Firefox, according to Gal.

From reading it so far there sounds like so many holes in the story that doesn’t make sense to start with. And since Mozilla doesn’t create FireFox it sounds like someone is trying to jump boat is what is sounds like. Not sure where he is getting his numbers since he doesn’t show where his answer and how he came up with stats. He talks about FireFox is going and then says it doesn’t matter. To many irony here.

I am sorry but use Chrome to fact check., this isnt to start a riff but gee golly gosh , Facts are Facts

If you want Chrome to spy on you then by all means go right ahead and use it. You think Chrome is thinking in your best interest.

You’re still ignoring the more important fact of Netscape == Mozilla && Firefox == Mozilla. You were wrong.

Does Chrome help Google with analytics, etc? Sure. Has Firefox dropped the ball for quite some time in security including sandboxing? Absolutely. There are faults on both sides.

While Firefox and IE were battling Google - and Opera until they threw in the towel and went with Chrome-based - said screw it and stepped into the breach. And, sorry, but as an old-school Netscape to Mozilla SeaMonkey and then Firefox user who also used OLD OLD school Opera don’t expect me to have sympathy for Mozilla here. Chrome simply proved to be better and pushed innovation. If it were just Mozilla and Microsoft we’d still be using stagnant outdated ideas.

Dude , where have you been hiding . LOL That brings up a question " What have you to hide anyway" Are you one of those who keeps their entire history on your PC or Laptop or Tab. , or are you doing something you should not be doing “watching porn” stealing Software or movies from Torrents.

If any of those are a yes , you should be using Chrome Canary and in Incognito !!!

Browse in private with Incognito mode
If you don’t want Google Chrome to save a record of what you visit and download, you can browse the web privately in Incognito mode.

How Incognito mode works
Incognito mode opens a new window where you can browse the Internet in private without Chrome saving the sites you visit. You can switch between an Incognito window and any regular Chrome browsing windows you have open. You’ll only be in Incognito mode when you’re using the Incognito window.

Others can see some information
Incognito mode only prevents Chrome from saving your site visit activity. It won’t stop other sources from seeing what sites you’ve visited, including:

Your Internet service provider
Your employer (if you’re using a work computer)
The websites you visit themselves
Downloads are saved to your computer
Chrome won’t save a record of the files you download in Incognito mode. However, the downloaded files will be saved to your computer’s Downloads folder, even after you close your Incognito tabs. You and anyone who uses your computer can see and open the files.

For more information about what’s stored in Incognito mode, visit the Chrome Privacy Policy.

Open an Incognito window
You can open an Incognito window on your computer to prevent Chrome from saving your browsing history. You can switch between an Incognito window and any regular windows you have open. You’ll only be in Incognito mode when you’re using the Incognito window.

Open Chrome.
At the top right, click More More and then New Incognito Window.
A new window will open. In the top corner, check for the gray Incognito icon Incognito mode.
You can also use a keyboard shortcut to open an Incognito window:

Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS: Press Ctrl + Shift + n.
Mac: Press ⌘ + Shift + n.
Exit and turn off Incognito mode
Incognito mode runs in a separate window from your normal Chrome browsing sessions. To exit Incognito mode, you’ll need to close all Incognito windows.

Go to your Incognito window.
In the corner of the window, click Close Close.
Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS: See the top right.
Mac: See the top left.

this was published 3 yrs ago

But to let you know Firefox does the same

So again Fack Check your self before adding conspiracy. LOL IE /MS was doing this for years

I hope your not using Facebook or Twitter or any social media lol, this was published back in 2016 and most tracking is done by the use of extensions.

Myself Ive used Opera Since the BEOS release way back there when Opera was created , , I still have a PC with BEOS 5 pro on it with Opera.

SO Cool clean your cookies hourly on any browser use Ingog or VPN and you will be kind of safe .
" Wait !!! WHATS THAT OVER THERE" SSSSSHHH their watching

Microsoft ?