Former DrinkOrDie member Chris Tresco answers

I just posted the article Former DrinkOrDie member Chris Tresco answers.

SlashDot has a very interesting interview with the former Drink Or Die Member Chris Tresco who shows us a look in the warez scene. Wich could be a scenario from a hollywood movie.


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If Chris Tresco did not sell the pirated software, but just gave it away instead, I would say that all the law enforcement officials he saw deserve to rot in hell!!! His interview sounded like a sad story of evil law enforcement going after him. Once again if he was not selling it, he deserved to be left alone. Chris Tresco should of just ran to his car and drove away once he knew what was going on. I wish him the best of luck at coming through with his punishment. If he was not selling it, he is a completely innocent American citizen.

He was in the business of trading illegally obtained software? That doesn’t sound all nice, wholesome and innocent to me. Its like someone who steals cars and then gives them to his mates… Does that person deserve to be left alone??? Hmmm… Of course, thats just MY opinion and doesn’t mean a wholoe lot… :4