Former Congressman Allan Swift gives DMCA reform testimony



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                                Here is some testimony given May 12 during the DMCA  hearings. It's from of all people, a former Congressman, who just happens to be  a former...
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All well and good, but if any part of this law (or a version of it) has been enacted in your country by your lawmakers thats where it will have to go back to to be amended…by this I mean any amendment in the usa will not flow on to other countries affected by this act…but a step in the right direction…:X


Did you notice that Dolittle ® who says WE in Congress way went overboard - is from California? As in Hollywood. Very surprising statement considering his neighborhood and party association. Gov. Arnold ® must be puzzled or knows what is going to happen next. Also, what does our old buddy Orrin Hatch also a republican, think of this? This indicates to me that there is something going on - there is a chance that the law is subject to change. But how? Time will tell I guess.
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See? Shite gets changed when it affects THEM, when it only affects the average person they could not give a rat’s arse.:frowning: