hey guys. i have an ide harddrive that i want to format. i got it off my old xbox. i tried using the windows disk to do it and it formatted ok but the power went out when it was trying to install windows and now everytime i start up the comp with that hard drive (wether its on as master or slave) it goes to the installation screen and asks for me to put in the disk that has the ‘asms’ file on it. i assume its on the windows disk but it dosnt accept it. how do i get pass this point of preferably how do i format the drive without using the windows disk


Get a copy of The Ultimate Boot CD and try the disk diagnostic app for the brand of HD you have. That’ll allow you to return the drive to ‘as new’ shape.


thanks. i didnt use ultimate boot cd but instead i just installed windows me on it. it wokrs for what iu want it for now so thanks anyway