can someone help me out trying to format 200gb.harddrive without going through windows cd?thanks.

partition magic does the job :slight_smile:

Windows is better in my opinion.

Anyway, why do you think that is necessary to use windows CD? A windows system already installed don’t require installation CD to format a new HD.

if you are adding this drive to an already running XP system then just install the drive then load up disk management and initialise the drive then format or make partitions and format whatever you want, also you will need atleast SP1 for XP to recognise the whole drive.

What’s wrong with the Windows CD? It quickformats the drive in no time…

You can even use free format and testing utils coming with most of all drives today…
If you think to install it using RAID you wouldn’t require all that, it’s done by the RAID controller software/BIOS/tools.