Formatting with InCD prior to burning w/Nero

I just purchased a 16x10x40 Magicburner CDRW that included Nero Burning Rom 5.5 and InCD. Being new to burning, I then proceeded to format my blank Memorex CDRW with InCD prior to burning (as I thought that CD’s also had to be formatted prior to use), however, after I formatted with InCD and when I opened up Nero, it said that there were “still files on the disk” and prompted me to “quick erase” them. Do I have to format blank CD-RW or CD-R discs prior to burning? The two discs–both CDRW’s–that I have burned so far have turned out great!! It appears to me that the format option on InCD is totally useless and I don’t understand what InCD is for. Also need clarification on what format is used on various CD’s, i.e. "ISO9660, UDF, etc. as it is all greek to me at this point. I am primarily backing up genealogical related documents at this point and have yet to delve into burning music, etc.

Hi buddy
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A tip for YOU when asking questions you may find many of your answers in the search (top right) you will be surprised on what you can find in here.

Anyway a couple of answers for you - No you do not have to format your disks prior to burning / music/data games etc, thats why when you put your cdrw back in nero it detected data allready on it because you formatted it first.
Easier terms- incd = packet writng = giant floppy disk - once you have formatted the disk basically its like a floppy you can just drop & drag files onto it.
When you copy - sorry (BACKUP) A disc from another disc or files from your pc you do not need to formatt it just follow the software instructions- anyway be prepared to make some coasters (duffs - will not work) put this down to expierence you will get better as you go on…
but like i said before use the forum search it will help you out.

Hey Snout!,
Thanks so much for the info, but I have just one more question for you. Since you don’t have to format blank discs prior to burning them, and can drag and drop files to the disc anyway, as I have, then what purpose does InCD serve; In my opinion, the unformatted blank CD acts like a big floppy anyway for this reason. Your thoughts?

ok now lets try to get this straight…
if you wish to packet write/drop and drag files onto your cdrws you will have to format it- Gaint floppy ok.
For copies/backups you do not need to format discs-just follow the software instructions, in nero you can do the straight 1:1 copy without messing with all the settings…
Please walk before running or you will end up with loads of coasters:rolleyes:

other packet writing software i prefer was direct cd as you could format normal cdrs as well as cdrws- i think that incd only allows you to format cdrws - not sure.
Anyway i think once you get into it you will probably go away from pkt writing- and write data discs through multisession - this also allows you to keep using the cd to drop files/data to it,but you must close the disc if you want to read it on another pc.

Anyway mate lots of answers on here but walk first please.:cool:

on a personal note i dont have much call for packet writing - however it comes in handy to put all my downloads onto instead of cluttering up my Hard Drive.

Hey Snout, Thanks alot for all of your help. I have it all figured out finally and also completely understand how the UDF/Packet writer works, i.e., without going into the “Burning Rom” program at all. Thanks again for all of your assistance. It is greatly appreciated.