Formatting windows XP

Hi Guys, simple question today.

I have been asked to freshly format my friends hard drive. He currently has about 70gigs of music on his only 120 gig seagate drive. I was wondering if it’s possible to create an 80 gig partition using partition magic and then do a clean format using the remaining partition. Will the 80 gig partition be there when i reinstall windows?


You CAN do this, but you would be well served to ALSO make sure that the partition is the SECOND one on the drive… and that the other partition is formatted BEFORE you install windows.

Otherwise, windows will end up on drive D. While this doesn’t make problems for most newer programs, there are still some that will fruit out.

So your steps with PQMagic:

  1. Resize the partition to 80gb.

  2. Make another partition with the remaining 40gb.

  3. Format that partition.

  4. MOVE the 80gb partition to the END (all the way to the right) of the drive.

  5. Install windows on the 40gb partition (which the install CD should see as drive C).

  6. Merge them back up again if desired, after installation.

Now depending on your version of PQMagic, you could just choose to take the extra space from the BEGINNING of the existing partition and it’ll automagically move stuff around in one step. But don’t count on that. :slight_smile:

Thankyou, will try

I want to point out that when operations like these are made, it’s good to have a backup of what’s on the partition. It’s not terribly likely, but sometimes the partition manager screws up and dumps all your data on the floor.
Besides, having 80 gigs of music on only one disk, not backed up, is just asking for trouble.