Formatting problem plz help

PLz help im trying to format a hard drive but everytime it starts reading the xp cd it reaches a point where it shuts down. it shuts down rite as it says starting windows. so i cant format it. plz help

Either format from the BIOS or use a bootable cd/dvd/floppy and run format x: from that.

You can use the CD that comes with new drives to prepare the disc including formatting it if you have such a CD from Seagate, Maxtor, etc.

some ppl told me it might be that i have a bad hard drive but i dont think so. i was wandering if i can format a hard drive in one pc then use it in another. wud it work or its a bad idea? thnx

There should be no problem formatting a drive in 1 PC and using it in another. I’ve done it a number of times without problem.