Formatting of a new CD-RW disc stopped before completion

I have original Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD (my current version: software installed in my PC. After inserting a new Mitsubishi CD-RW disc, I started Instant Write CDRW full formatting. The formatting process stops unexpectedly although it has 2 more green squares to go. There is no more lightning displayed on the drive. “Next, Back and Cancel” are dimmed and cannot be selected. Nothing can proceed other than pressing the off the button manually. As the formatting of the disc is uncompleted, copying or writing also cannot be done. The disc becomes useless.
By contacting the Pinnacle technical support, I was told to perform 2 steps: Firstly, upgrade Pinnacle software which I have already done.
Secondly, upgrade the firmware of my Cyber Drive CW088D CD-RW drive

The attempt for searching suitable Cyber Drive CW088D CD-RW drive firmware (my current version: 5.1.2535.0) in the internet was not successful. Either the version is lower than my current one or the model cannot match although a correct one was selected.
Has any member encounter such a problem in formatting a new disc before? What should be the correct way of solving the problem? Thank you for your comment.

Fortunate (Singapore)

I don’t suppose the RW disc is rated at a higher speed than the burner is capable of as this can cause problems.

For example I can’t use the latest 20x+ RW media on my 10x burner.

My CD-RW drive is 48x12x48 max speed and my Mitsubishi CD-RW disc belongs to high speed type, if not mistaken. If the incompatibility of speed is the issue, I may have to consider buying low or medium speed discs for use in my current drive and try whether it works or not. I welcome any other comments. Thanks!
What level of speed is my CD-RW drive (48x12x48 max) considered? Low, medium or high?

Generally the CD-RW media give a speed range. I’ve got some Verbatim Hi-Speed that are 8-12x but there are others that are 20x+ . It’s the 8-12x ones (or slower) that you should be using.

For your info, I was told by HP helpdesk that formatting of a new disc has nothing to do with the writing speed of the drive. It’s only concerned with slow or fast formatting. Even if you thought of lowering the writing speed of the drive, you must have CD-Recording Utilities to do the job. Anyway, the Pinnacle InstantWrite does not have an option to lower the writing speed.

The other time, I mentioned that the partially completed discs were stopped before the last 2 green boxes filled up during formatting.
Currently, I re-inserted these problem discs into my Cyber CDRW Drive. What it happened was that sometimes, a disc (name it as “A”) could be detected and opened; at another time, this disc “A” could be detected (a small circular disc shape appears) but couldn’t be opened. Here, there is inconsistency in opening and the problem could probably be due to the quality of that particular brand of discs.

When the disc could be detected and opened, I started Pinnacle Instant Format, chose a “Quick Formatting” and “scan disk for errors”. (When I insert a completely new disc, there is no quick or full formatting to choose. The Pinnacle will automatically run “full formatting”)

The process continued until it stopped before the last 2 empty spaces to fill up again. If there is blinking light at the drive, it’s fine or else, I may have to shut down the PC manually and restart again.
At this time, whether it’s quick or full formatting, I have to wait patiently. The last 2 empty spaces may or may not have the green boxes filled up. If I did not take a closer look, I would miss it because it appeared and disappeared very fast. I can’t tell for sure.

As luck would have it, a message pops up:
“Medium formatted and ready to use”. I noted that there is a statement “137,400,320 bytes reserved for ISO conversion”. Out of 700+ MB, only 571 MB is available for use. The 137MB could be something to do with the last 2 empty spaces.

Thus, my formatting of discs was successful after the pop-up message was displayed. Cheers!

Pinnacle Instant Write is a packet writer like Nero’s INCD & Roxio’s DragtoDisk/DirectCD.

I’ve just tried DragtoDisk & it formats to 572MB free space which is what I expected.

I had terrible trouble finding RW media that was satisfactory in some drives - DirectCD used to suffer similar behavior - the verify pass of the format never completing, unresponsive.

The same media would oftem erase and work perfectly on the next drive I had…

PS. 5.1.2535.0 is the windows driver, not the firmware.
Latest firmware appears to be 120F