Formatting HD in DOS

I’ve got a new MoBo and a HD in NTSF format. I want to install Win 98 but want to format the HD with FAT32. Long story short…all I can get to is the “A:” prompt. Any help appreciated.

Edit: Format in progress.

Type: cd\c: (or whatever the volume is) this should take you to your Local Disc. Type: format c: - Done.

depending upon how the drive was setup fdisk might not even remove the ntfs partition
and format(old one) only supports smaller hard drives

MS reccomends ntfs for anything bigger than 32 gigs

But read the original post. He wants to use Windows 98.

Any fdisk from Windows 98 or up can remove almost any partition (except for some weird compaq or linux partition perhaps).

Just fire up your bootdisk (floppy) and execute fdisk.exe.
Delete all known and unknown partitions and create a new fat32 one. (all your data is now gone).
Reboot with the same disk and start format c: /s /autotest. (your data is now really gone)

Guys I went thru this 3-4 years ago with lot’s of nt partitions, try a broken raid stripe
boot drive also

  1. zap the sob


  1. delete partition in XP

and then you’d better used the updated fdisk from MS!


I suppose NTFS Reader tool can help you. It is capable of accessing NTFS format in DOS or windows 98\me. The tool is located onto a bootable CD, that contains a set of mighty data tools, Active@ Boot Disk. Give it a try, I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it.

It has been a long time since I’ve used FDISK but I know it can definitely remove NTFS as well as Linux partitions.

When you boot from the floppy and run FDISK, just choose the option to delete Non-DOS partition.

Once that is completed you can reboot and create a new partition with FDISK then format to FAT32 so you can install Windows 98.