Formatting DVD-RW

Apologies if this question has been addressed previously, but I am having problems with the following:

When I burn some DivX files onto a DVD-RW, and place it in my Panasonic DVD recorder, the Panny says the dis is not formatted, then formats it and I cannot view what is on the disc. I let the Panny format the disc, then put the DivX files on there, and it still didnt work. If i copy the files to a DVD-R or CD-R, it is fine.

Can anyone shed some light on this??

Does your Panny support DIVX files?

Yes it does. It works on a DVD-r or CD-R

I have an incompatibility between my Dell PC (Phillips burner) and my Panasonic.

DVD-RW disks formatted on one are not seen on the other (“Unformatted” error)