Formatting double density floppies

My father has had the crazy idea of restoring to functional use (as a wordprocessor) an insanely old 8088 computer he has (what he won’t do to avoid shelling out for a new computer…). I’ve downloaded a few abandonware applications for DOS, but I don’t know how to get them on double density (720kb) diskettes, which are the only thing the 8088 will read, as it has no hard drive (and since it has custom floppy drives I can’t even yank the 720kb drives out and replace them with standard 1.44s).
I want to tape over the HD hole in a HD disk and format it as DD, but windows XP doesn’t support formatting of 720kb discs.
So, how do I do that? Is there a third party utility or something?
I have used google, but it’s proved unexpectedly useless.

Can’t do.

Even if you are able to format a HD floppy as a DD floppy it probably won’t be readable on the ancient system.

Someone will probably suggest the Format command in the command processor (CMD) with the parameters of a:/T:80/N:9 but this neither works on HD or DD floppies, or didn’t for me.

You can still purchase DD floppies, some may already be formatted. If you know someone with a Win98/ME system that can format them for you you’ll be able to write to the successfully from XP.

I’ve already formatted HD disks as DD and they worked flawlessly. I did this with the very same computer, but it was running Win98 back then.
I’ll try with that command.

I wonder why 720kb support was removed. I’ve got a feeling it was a deliberate crippling.

Just put a piece of tape over the extra “hole” on a HD-floppy and it’ll be recognized as a DD.

I know that, but it’ll be completely useless if I can’t FORMAT it to DD density, which Windows XP insists in not allowing me to do.

I’ll boot DamnSmallLinux and do it from there. I’ve been a Linux user in the past, but I never had to deal with floppies… so… what’s the command to do it?

Format Floppy Now!!! = Format Floppy in Linux hahahaha

The first thing most Linux users learn is how mount HD’s and format Floppys.

Try one of there to see if it works for DD you will need to use the --size to specify the capacity

/dev/fd0D720, 720 Kb

$ ./floppy --format --size=80x18x512 A:

You can also do it DOS by using the /F: switch so specify a certain size C:>format a: /f:720