Formatting and burning

When I download a lecture from the net into Windows Media Player, I want to be able to convert the language
of the CD or DVD, whatever I’m working on, so that it will play on my computer as well as my regular DVD
player or my CD player in my car. :iagree: I have no problem downloading and burning, but it only plays on Windows Media Player.

Thanks to all ahead of time and have some wonderful
and safe holidays.

You want to convert the [B]language[/B] of the lecture? Or do you want to convert the format of the lecture so that it can play on both cd players and dvd players?

Are these lectures both video and audio, or are they just audio?

Converting the language used in the lectures is beyond my knowledge, at least using software in computers. Converting the format is much easier, depending on what you are starting with. It might help to know the file extension on the lectures…examine them with a free program called MediaInfo, and tell us the results.