Formatting an TDK -RW

Ok stupid question but never had this problem before

Some reason i can not format the rw anymore all i can do is read what is already on it

Is there something i can do or do i need to just use as a coaster now?

Come on your a senior member. Give me some particulars. Basicly what OS and what program are you trying to format it with??? Doe’s it have information written to it already or is it new?? If your trying to use XP home or Pro the disk first has to have something written to it. You also need to right click on the drive icon in my computer and select properties, then select recording tab and then check use this drive to record, hit apply, close and then right click on drive icon with rw disk installed will bring up erase disk manager. make sure you have aspi installed. Personially I like DVDpro to reformat, Nero’s good too

With the number of posts that you have I’m sure you already knew the answer. It’s just that sometimes the harder we think the more the answer eludes us, The more the answer eludes us the harder we think until we have MELTDOWN :a

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I am running XP Pro Sp2 I have tried just about evrything i can think of from using windows, nero, dvdpro, dvd decryptor and sevral other

The file that is on the rw is a mpeg file

As far as being a senior member and my post count that means nothing. some people know more about some thing then others. Sometimes a person runs into different issues from one to another and sometimes that issue that comes up has never happened before…There fore as many dvd’s games or datafiles whatever it be most of the time I use just regular dvd+r because I dont normally want to re write to the same disk

However when i take pictures of my kids or movies of the kids i like to back everything up and do not intend to use just 1 gb of a full dvd and let the rest go to waste that is why i store th em on an RW and the when i have closer to 4gb is when i will put them on dvd+r

I just figures that maybe someone else has run into this issue and new of some other way or has done something else. Formatting an rw is pretty simple. I have already considered it as a wasted disk. I just thought one simple question before I cut it up and throw it away…I really didnt expect to get flamed by a rookie trying to add another useless post …:a(please look at my avatar)

no offense just put yourself in my shoes

I was seriously trying to help, the only thing that I was saying being a senior member you know the need for info. If you didn’t want help why post?? Check out my education.

I saw you are running SP2. SP2 is well known for conflicting with DVD Burning software, hardware, ect. BTW how many times have you tried re-writing this RW disc?

As far as needing help that is why i asked…but some of the comments you said got me mad. it could tell me that you did not read the whole thing.

Thanks for the help…This particular RW maybe 3 or 4 times at the most. I dont think it is a Sp2 issues as I burn to rw’s often and several times in the past. I am just lost at this one it play in the topself just fine and on the pc…but unlike every other dvd i can not reformat :confused:

ok so i read your education now…
Here is why i took your post so offensive

1st you say “Come on your a senior member” which was really no big deal untill you said “Doe’s it have information written to it already or is it new??”

Which by now it started really getting to me because it show you did not read what I said which is " Some reason i can not format the rw anymore all i can do is read what is already on it"

and then you go into explaining how to enable and use the drive. and then you top it of with the number of post

I am sure you do not mean anything, maybe i just took them wrong

I understand you have 27 years experiance in alot of stuff but have you not run into something new before? it was new problem I have written on many od rw several times and never had the issue untill now.

With your experiance it is good that you are here. But please dont assume any one has less or more knowledge then you.

You may be able to help several people with many things which is what makes this a great forum.:wink:

Look at your education and experience that comes with age, then at your own posts here.
What do you think?

Thank you alex thyl

You are most welcome, mate.

Ok I apologise for the fact I did not fully read your post and missed the part about data. About the experience, like I said that I do not know everything. With that out there I did have a case of 2 dvds r/w’s that for some strange reason would not format after I had written data to them.(this is risky) The only way I was able to format them was to start the format command on a different disk and then eject the disk with the pin hole eject and put in the bad disk and finish the format. Then it would let me reformat a second time. Its like something on the disk was telling the reformat program reading it that it wasn’t a r/w disc This worked on 1 disc the other I was never able to reuse

Alex, I would say that my posts have no reflection on my abilities. Being new to this forum, I will make some mistakes and at times appear ignorant, but this forum seems to be more about ego than it is providing help. I’m sorry but I don’t walk on water :bow:

Come on guys. Cool it down. This is a great forun. In my opinion there is not such thing as a “stupid question”, when you think about it.
G’day all.

No problem, Dominator2. Even those didn’t/don’t really walk on water who were/are considered capable of it. Swimming is a more practical, down-to-earth method, if you don’t hit others when stroking.

I look forward exchanging views and experience with you in any question that is of interest to you.