Formatting a multiOS system



I have 2 HD’s, on the first I have installed win2K and the other winME. The first OS that I have installed was winME (on D: ).
My question is, if I format my primary HD c: (the one with win2K), install winXP on it and then just delete winME, will my system run correct or will it give conflicts?


If I understand you correctly, you want to format the c: disk, and erase the d: disk Why don’t you just format them both?

Anyways, win2k works pretty much the same as winXP, so you can just format & reinstall on the c: disk, just like you said :slight_smile:


No, I don’t want to format them both, I want to format c:, delete windows on d: and install winXP on c:. I got way to much files on d: to just format it or put it on cd.
My question is, will my computer give errors or confilcts since I first installed winME on d: and then win2K on C:


If you want to delete Windows Me, why not quick format d: with the command format d: /q from a bootdisk?
When you start the installation of Windows XP you check the question about choosing the install partition.
At that point you can format the partition of your choice with ntfs, quick format fat32 or leave the partition intact.
You also can choose to leave Windows Me on d: and install XP on a quick formatted c: You will have a dualboot system then !


I see, I don’t have winXP yet (whitin a few days I should have)
I’ll see what I can do with it, thx :slight_smile: