Formatting a DVD on 1008

Hi guys.
I know this is not a software forum, but I don’t know who else to ask, so if this is OT, I apologize.
I have an IDE 1008(badged I/O Magic) FW Ver 0054 that I’m trying to format a DVD +/-RW on.
The burning software that came with it is Easy cd/dvd 6.x Basic, it’s Drag To disc utility is what I’m using to format the DVD disc.
The problem I’m runing into, is, that after format is finished, when I look at disc properties it shows 4+GB free space, (which is what I expect) if I eject the disc and then re-insert it, disk properties shows the disc is full.
I don’t have that problem with DVD +R, CD-R, CD-R/W discs.
Contacting the DVD mfr, Roxio, and roxio forum have resulted in nothing so far.
Any help or advice will be welcome.