Formatting a disc with IN CD

After a week of trying with my TDK 40X12X 48X,

I have yet been able to format a RW disc, I reinstalled several times, with no other programs running.
I get thru the first part, then when it’s logically formatting it ejects the disc & displays this error:
Error code 005a-0005-0024-0000, Ilegal Request error occured, Reboot your system or drive & try again, Insert a new disc.

It will copy a music CD perfect & fast! I have burned TDK RW 10X
disc with my Data files & pictures! also used Memorex RW 4X.
But I can’t format them!

1 Ghz AMD Duron CPU
256MB memory
Win 98 SE

Any help welcomed,

I forgot to add,
IN CD version 3.24.0
Nero 5.5 version

Thank you,

From InCD readme file:

InCD 2.0 or later

Thank you for purchasing ahead InCD Packet Writing software.

	Important information!

Discs, which were formatted with the old version
of the InCD 1.3 are not compatible with the new version of the program.
For using discs, is necessary to make following:

  1. Saving the information (if it is necessary) from the disc to the
    hard drive;
  2. Erasing the disc with the Nero - Burning Rom software;
  3. Formatting the disc with the InCD 1.61 version or later;
  4. Writing the information, which has been saved on the hard drive.

For more information on InCD including trouble shooting,
please read help file on the disc or check our web-site at

On our web-site you will also find the current release for

joliett this only applies when you have a disc formatted with older InCD versions and not to discs that are formatted for the first time with InCD. bobcatz2 have you tried InCD 3.29.1?

Just got off phone from TDK support, I was told they recomend
not using In CD if u have problems???
Told me to use NERO only.
He also said he would call me back within 1 hour, he never did!

I tried In CD version 3.24 which came on CD, ver. 3.14 which I downloaded off TDK’s support, I tried downloading ver 3.28 which wouldn’t download, said no such file existed!

“bobcatz2 have you tried InCD 3.29.1”

I will try, Thankyou for info.

To G@M3FR3@K:
Thank you!
I downloaded InCD 3.29.1 & installed with no other programs running except explorer & systray, and success!

I now have a formatted CD disc with 572 MB.

I guess I stumbled into the right place for info!

Thanks again,