Formatted sata HD with External Enclosure, but did not gve me a drive letter?help!

ok i put my internal western digital (OEM)hard drive into my external enclosure and plugged it in the usb port of my PC. i restarted my computer and opened up datalifeguard tools(western digitals formatting and partitioning software). Well it recognized the hard drive was in the usb port and i clicked on next to format and partition. Datalifeguard tools supposedly partitioned and formatted the hard drive(because it said it did) but when i went into “my computer”, i did not see a drive letter for it.

So what is going on, do i have to do another step?

Does it give drive letters after unplugging and then reconnecting the USB cable? I had a similar problem (different make and software) and this solved it.

control panel > administrative tools > computer management > disk management

right click on the partition and select ‘change drive letter and paths’

best to keep things simple (unless you run into problems) and use disk management for partitioning/formatting

well i went into disc management and it doesnt show a partition for this drive??

actually i did find it in disc management. it said sumthing about the drive not being(or being) allocated. i right clicked on it and then i clicked add partition. i aded the partition and then i cicked format. it is taking about 2 hours to format right now???

It took datalifeguard tools about 5 minutes to format my other drive. why does windows take 60 times slower to format my a drive?

Or is it because this drive i formatting with windows is a usb drive and the one i did in datalifeguard tools was connected through sata. the usb one i am doing now is OEM and the one i did with sata was Retail at best buy?

a full format can take a long time dont worry about it, the other drive was probably quick formatted although that should only take a matter of seconds.

I have never trusted formatting over USB. Too many times it failed and it does take longer.

failed as in how? if i formattedthrough usb and it said 100 percent complete and it is working fine as i backed uop my files on it, does that mean it didnt fail?

I would say yours is fine. My past experience is probably not as relevant anymore. Mine failed during the process and just froze.