Formatted disc becomes Read-only after data added

Hello, I’m new to burning DVDs.
I have a Lite-on SOHW-1213S +/-RW recorder, and XP and have tried to use InCD4 and Sonic DLA to format Sony DVD+RWs (I uninstalled InCD4 before trying DLA). Both these programmes will format the disc, then I can drag and drop, or copy and paste data(.jpeg and .psd [Photoshop]files of digital images off my hard drive). When I have finished , before I take the Disc out of the recorder, I can delete or rename them. BUT, after the disc has been removed and re-inserted, all the files are then Read-only and I can’t delete or alter or add anything else to the disc. I have no idea where I’m going wrong. I should be able to delete part of the data shouldn’t I? And I should be able to add more files, providing there is room on the disc?

Please help me to sort this out. I thought by having RW DVDs I could off-load my big stack of photos onto them, but still be able to alter or delete them whenever I want without putting them back on the hard drive.

Thanks, Ruth

You need to make sure that you burn as multisession burn.

I think making a multi session disc does not allow you to alter or delete, only to add more data.

Ruth, you’re being helped in the other forum. :wink:

Ignore stuff about multisession, you’re doing PACKET WRITING which is different. :slight_smile: