Formating Widescreen to Full screen software?

Anyone know of any software for the above title ^ that they like or is user friendly? Would like to format some of my widescreen movies to full screen.

First it would be a good idea to know what sort of Movies your talking about. Are they DVD’s, VCD’s, AVI, DivX, MPEGS, etc etc

Yes you are so right ChickenMan…I want to convert some of my bought DVD’s that are in widescreen into full screen. No certain movie i guess in my head right now. I have a 40" Sony XBR and would rather watch my widescreen movies in full screen. Some movies that come out are only in widescreen and was wondering if anyone has info on some software that they know or have used to do this? I like the ones you can buy that are in both ! Hollywood DVD movies.

There are 2 ways to do what you want, both require them to be re-encoded though and would involve Main Movie only, no menus or extras etc.

You need to follow the DVD to DVDR Tutorial (treat as Type 3 regardless of the DVD size.) When you load the IFO file into DVD2SVCD, it will automatically select Aspect Ratio of Anamorphic encode as 16:9. Change this to 16:9 (no borders added encode as 4:3) Pros of this, releatively simple, Cons: every one will be stretched vertically and all look like Coneheads :smiley: Not recommended.

For the best way to keep correct aspect ratio, you have to chop off some of the left and right hand sides of the picture. Again follow the DVD to DVDR Tute, Type 3. When you load the IFO file into DVD2SVCD, change the aspect ratio to “16:9 (no borders added encode as 4:3)”. In DVD2SVCD’s Frameserver Tab, tick Edit as part of Video Encoding. Set the rest of DVD2SVCD up as per the Tute. Then run it. Just before any encoding starts, the AVISynth script box will pop up. You need to edit/include a few lines like this:


Crop(90,0,540,576) <-- insert this line here
LanczozResize(720,576) <-- edit this line to this if it is not
AddBorders(0,72,0,72) <-- delete any AddBorders line if it exists


Crop(90,0,540,480) <-- insert this line here
LanczozResize(720,480) <-- edit this line to this if it is not
AddBorders(0,60,0,60) <-- delete any AddBorders line if it exists

Then hit Save & then OK. It will continue on and author the files to a VIDEO_TS folder ready to burn.

ChickenMan > Thank you so much. 1 more question…Follow PAL if i want PAL and same for NTSC? Or do i put both PAL and NTSC in the AVISynth? In other words Both or 1 in AVISynth?

ChickenMan > lol Another question. Is this the download i need as in the bundle? > DVD2SVCD 1.2.2 Build 3 Bundle (2004-08-31) . Do i install ASPI drivers in certain directory? T I A

If its a PAL movie, use the PAL settings, if its NTSC, use the NTSC settings, simple as that.

DVD2SVCD 1.2.2 Build 3 Bundle - Thats the one.

ASPI, there is no need for ASPI to be installed because of DVD2SVCD or any of the software it uses. If you do install it, it doesnt ask for a folder as they are system files.

Thanks again ChickenMan

Please someone get in contact regarding this subject. I’m so tired of not being able to burn and watch on tv without distortion.

Before you completely re-author, you could simply try to rip the DVD to your harddrive and then use IFOEDIT to modify the IFO file to allow 4:3 as well as 16:9. Then all you need to do is set your DVD player to fullscreen mode.

Of course, you should bear in mind that simply zooming in on a 16:9 movie to see it in full screen will clip the left and right edges and you could miss some important action/detail if it is to one side of the picture.

If the movie has a true 4:3 pan and scan, this should not happen as the picture moves left or right if the action is near the edge. Zooming in on a wdiscreen will look like 4:3 but the picture will be static in the middle.

Maybe a bit more information is required so we may be able to help :slight_smile:

Before you completely re-author, you could simply try to rip the DVD to your harddrive and then use IFOEDIT to modify the IFO file to allow 4:3 as well as 16:9. Then all you need to do is set your DVD player to fullscreen mode.

Does that actually work? The zoom thing doesn’t work worth a dam, zooms up way too close, nothing like the view of a fullscreen movie.

I also am very interesting in converting some widescreen movies to fullscreen. I buy all my DVD movies in fullscreen but unfortunately a lot of movies only come in widescreen. Yeah I don’t need to hear all the fullscreen vs widescreen stuff. I’ve heard it a million times already. I just like to view my whole screen watching something on TV even with losing something on the side (which I don’t miss). The day I buy a widescreen TV, then things will be different but I don’t plan on doing that for quite awhile yet.

Anyway, I never really get an answer if this can indeed be done or not. Seems not many out there interested in doing it. The guide by Chicken is so old, the links don’t even work and the program mentioned is pretty old, the version out now is not even the same version as the guide says. Then the guide points to a plugin and cce (whatever that is) with no links to get them.

Is there something more up to date to get info how to do this (using newer programs), if it actually can be done?

Whenever I post on this subject I get more confused than before I posted cause some say it can be done and some say it can’t, then any info I see on it is like 2-4 years old.

I have pretty much given up on this but then a thread comes along and I figure what the hell, I might as well post again. And this thread started out like over a year ago with 11 whole posts! Heh heh, I’m a dinosaur looking for a bone I guess. Just call me fullscreen Dino.

It depends on the situation if the IFOEDIT methods will work.

If your movie is a non-anamorphic widescreen i.e. the top and bottom black bars are part of the original recording (this was typical of Videos that were marketed as widescreen - they were designed for 4:3 sets as widescreen TVs were yet to be available), then the IFOEDIT method won’t help and you would have to use more advanced authoring to stretch vertically, and clip the edges.

However, if your widescreen movie is an anamoprhic recording (most modern DVDs are anamoprhic) it should work. Note: irritatingly, some DVds are not anamorphic but these tend to be older ones that were just copies of a widescreen video recording.

I use this method virtually every week.

I record DVDs at home using a digital set in widescreen mode.

If I play back the DVD on a widescreen it looks fine. If I play it back on a 4:3 set, the people are “tall and thin” i.e. squashed horizontally.

I use IFOEDIT and set the video mode to 16:9 and check the pan and scan and letterbox options, saving the IFOs and reburning the DVd of course. The IFOEDIT stage only takes about 5 minutes.

When I play back the DVD with modified IFOs on a 4:3 set with the DVD play back set to letterbox mode, it is the standard 16:9 with bars top and bottom. If I set the player to pan and scan (sometimes called full screen or centre cutout), the picture exactly fills the screen vertically, and the left and right edges are chopped off. You are not using any zoom function of your player here.

I have noticed some commercial DVDs do not always have the pan and scan flag set, and so I experimented setting it and everything works as I described above.

BTW: It is a pre-supposition of the IFOEDIT method that your DVD player has the facility to play back in letterbox and “pan and scan” mode on a 4:3 set. I would be surprised if your player did not support this.

Ok, I’m going to dig out a widescreen DVD and give this a try. I have never used IFOedit before so I’ll try to figure that out.

So I assume that I would rip it first, then open IFOedit and point it to the location on the hard drive where the rip is. From that point I’ll try to figure out the rest.

If I have any questions or problems along the way, I’ll post it.

OK, I just tried IfoEdit and didn’t have very good results.

I first tried Sin City. Ripped to hard drive.
Opened IfoEdit and clicked on “open” at the bottom.
Then opened VIDEO_TS.ifo.
Double clicked on the part in the window that said letterbox (there were a couple of them).
Got another box up and I changed the “aspect ratio” from 16:9 to 4:3.
Changed the “static” to automatic pan & scan.
Saved it and overwrote the original .ifo.

Used the onboard player to look at the movie. It did change it to 4:3 but it was stretched and looked like everyone overdosed on diet pills.

I then tried “The Jacket”.
Did exactly the same thing as above. Used the onboard player again and this time the view box was reduced to 4:3 size but inside the view box, the movie still showed as 2:35/1.

Did I do everything right?

I’m still playing around here and have noticed something. I just did Xmen.

Before when I played a 2.35:1 on my TV, I could hit the zoom button and it would change from 2.35:1 to 16x9. Wouldn’t go all the way fullscreen but at least I got more of the screen being used.

When I ran Xmen through IfoEdit, this time I chose “unspecified” in the aspect ratio and “automatic pan&scan” on the Static.

Now when I play it though my TV, instead of being 2:35:1, it’s 16x9. A little better. Then I can hit zoom and it WILL go to fullscreen (without the stretch effect). Well this is an improvement anyway. I will have to keep messing around with some others.

Your settings are not quite right, but you are getting there.

Settings need to be as follows:

aspect ratio 16:9 (refers to source aspect not - how you want to view it.This is why its not quite working)

click automatic pan and scan (must do this to zoom in full screen)

click automatic letter box (optional - means you can view also in letterbox mode)

do not click letter box top and bottom cropped. This overrides tthe two above.

BTW: if movie is 2.35:1 ratio, you will still get some black bars top and bottom. This is true even on a widescreen TV. When movies are 2.35:1, the black bars are actually part of the picture rather than added in some cases (I don’t know if this is true for all cases)

So on a widescreen, the bars are simply displayed. On a 4:3 set in letterbox, the same bars are displayed, and in addition extra bl;ack bars are added to fit on a 4:3 ste making very thick bars. In essence, the picture is a hybrid between anamorphic where bars are added by hardware, and non-anamorphic where the bars are actually part of the picture.

This is why the 2.35:1 movie looks like a 16:9 movie on a 4:3 set after you have used the ifoedit.

In any case viewing a 2.35:1 (=21.15/9) movie in full screen mode would really chop too much of the edges (43% of picture - nearly half). For a 16:9 on a 4:3 you only lose 25% of picture.

As I mentioned before - you need to set your DVD player to full screen or letterbox as appropriate.

Ok, I’ll try this when I get home.

Another question. Does this have to be done to the whole DVD before it’s authored or can you rip/author movie only to hard drive and then do it?

Very nice, I got it down now. I’m pleased with the results. Re-did Sin City and now have it full screen.

You’re right. 2:35/1 turns into 16x9 and 16x9 turns into fullscreen.

I’m sure glad I have these options now, got a lot of movies I’m going to be changing.

Thank you very much Oily type doode!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: