Formating a BD-RE disc with a UDF file system


I’m hope somebody can help.

I have the Panasonic SW5582 drive and using the DVDFORM.EXE and WPTOOL.EXE GUIs provided by Panasonic I can format and write protect media as you’d expect.

My question is, is there an API that these commands use, particularly DVDFORM. I imagine the WPTOOL simply issues a RESERVE SCSI command to the drive which I can mimic through the ASPI interface, but formating a UDF file system is giving me problems.

I appreciate that there are packages out there that can do this, after paying money, but does anybody know if there’s a public SDK/API that DVDFORM uses?

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Hmm, unfortunately I cannot help but I can contribute some infos…

  1. according my experience some BD-RE25 discs need a low level format before you can use them. They will complain with a 03h/31h/00h == “Medium Error MEDIUM FORMAT CORRUPTED” if you try to Write(10) / ReadCapacity / … without formatting
    But afterwards they seem to be very gentle somehow like DVD-RAM

  2. the wptool probaply sets a kind of WriteProtectbit in adminareas of the disc so that it is “peristent soft write protected”

if you know any tool (even comercial) that can do a basic UDF2.5 format under cmndline (not like DVDForm.exe as GUI driven) and/or a tool that can create/master UDF2.5 images for BD-RE25 / BD-RE50 please tell me.