Format wars not confusing enough: behold a new DRM alliance



I just posted the article Format wars not confusing enough: behold a new DRM alliance.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us what we already know,
there are too many formats out there, especially for the average Joe on the
street. But, now to make matters worse, it…

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I’m just going to wait for the $50 dollar Chinese High-Def Players to come out. By then it’ll be cracked or no one will care. I make enough to afford one of those 60"+ High Def TV’s but I just don’t feel the need to buy one. I guess Wal-Mart and BestBuy will now blame me for not wanting it enough. Capitalism and Consumerism at it’s finest. Reminds me of my ex-girfriend who had about 30 sets of shoes that she had never even put on her feet in her life, and never will. She just bought the damn things cause it “felt right”. L got dumped cause I didn’t want to buy her shit she would never use. We don’t need Blu-Ray or HD-DVD quality stuff for casual movie viewing. Now as for 50GB+ storage…I guess that’s where the packrat mentality in us comes into play.


SupremeCheddar youre absolutley right, i mean the whole US economy is based on what you described above. The first slump was felt by the music industri back in 2000 and scince then we what happend ? yes were in a recession. obviously the story is much longer than that but just to add another format would make things a lot worse.


Hey! SupremeCheddar…LMAO…isn’t that a common story…in my case (jeans and Tshirt person) it was because I wouldn’t wear the poncey useless shit she bought. And yes I think I’ll wait for the chinese Hi Def and the FDVD…or I might even have to go back to READING BOOKS !!!..n’stuff… :X