Format VR

I recently bought a LG RH7521W and was trying to burn from the HDD to the DVD RW. I tried and it said to change the disc. I read through the manual and it said in order to record like that I needed to have a disc formatted in VR mode. How do I go about that exactly?


You have to use your home recorder to format the disc.
I don’t know the LG, but I have a Sony and it formats the disc as soon as you load it the first time ( I assune it does a fast format, not a complete one. But its not relevant to you as it completes the process in the background when you use it).
You may need to have a look to the definitions, going through the menus and to see if it is set to format in VR mode.
Also see how it deals witn “plus” and “minus” RW discs, and the one you are going to use (if the LG uses both, as I don’t know), because it can make a difference. You may have all this in the manual.

Thanks. I feel like an idiot. I had read through the manual but apparenly missed that page. I was thinking it was something I could/had to do with Nero or similar. You’ld think it wouldn’t be that diffucult to have the popup that currently just says “change discs” to instruct/guide you to the format function but oh well.