Format Problem with BenQ SW1620


I’m brand new to the forum - what a great resource!

Just bought a BenQ DW1620 (flashed firmware to G7P9) and the drive is working fine playing DVDs and burning +R and -R, but I’m having trouble with one thing. I’m unable to format any of my Sony DVD-RW discs. My PC is running WinXP with SP2. Sonic DLA reports “Format failed due to general failure.” What a descriptive message! In addition to attempting a format within Windows Explorer, I’ve also tried to format from DVDInfoPro - again no luck - “Unable to Format Unit”. DVDInfoPro is able to see the blank disc and give me the media information. Have tried 4 discs. I’ve also gone to Sonic’s site to make sure that RecordNow is updated.

Before I try another brand of media or try +RW, I wanted to ask if anyone has heard of this issue with regard to the drive or firmware. Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks again for the great forum!

Which version of Sonic DLA are you using? - AFAIK you need to be running the version packaged w/ RecordNow 7.2x or later for full compatibility w/ the 16xx series.

Now old are the DVD-RW ? I think the BenQ has problems with 1X & 2X -R discs if I remember correctly. Maybe someone else can confirm…

My Sonic DLA version is 4.90, and the Sonic RecordNow! version is 7.21.

Forgot to mention that the Sony DVD-RWs were purchased in early December '04.

You may be aware of this, but it is not necessary to format DVD+-RW discs for general writing and copying. The only reason for formatting would be for use in packet writing mode, which would be readable only on your computer. For general use all that is necessary is to erase a used rewritable disc before recording again.

Packet writing seems to be a rare subject these days, and hardly anyone seems to be doing it. Reliability problems contributed to its lack of popularity and wide use.

BenQ 1620 will not work with 1x -RW media. Its slowest writing speed for -RW is 2x & (afaik) you cannot overspeed RW media.

Thanks for the advice. Sounds like I need to buy some 2x or faster media. In regard to the formatting issue, the reason I was formatting was to use the disc to copy files from my HD directly through Windows Explorer. I read on Sonic’s website that with XP, you don’t have to use Sonic’s DLA to format but can format directly through the OS (by unchecking the “Use DLA” option). Is there a particular advantage or disadvantage to one method over the other? Sorry for the newbie questions - I think I should have posted in that forum. Thanks again.

I had a similar problem with 1x Maxell DVD-RW that I had written with my previous burner. I couldn’t erase them with any recording software. The software showed a recording speed of 2.4x and started to erase, but it always failed. Ok, at least I know now that I can give them away. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:
Cheers, Fernwärme

Just purchased some HP 4x +RWs, and they worked great. Able to full format in about 30 seconds with Sonic DLA, and used Windows Explorer to copy approximately 4.5 GB worth of data in about 20 minutes. Thanks for all of the help!

Totally off topic HongKongPhooey, but I’m glad you solved your problem and I love your nickname! lol.

Maybe off topic, but I tried Sonic DLA to backup important data today… It was the worst burn I ever did with my BenQ DW1620! Something in the 30’s with Nero CD-DVD Speed! :Z

The transfer rate test was good, and the file or surface scan was good too. But with Memorex 4x DVD+RW, which are “INFODISC A10”, I usually get a 95+ score!!!

My two cents
: I will never ever use Sonic DLA… a chance that I did wait to scan the media before trashing the data!

Sonic DLA is also known to cause problems with Plextor drives and Plextools. It’s in the faq in plextor forum.

Well, is there any other packet writing software wich is known to work just fine with the 1620?

InCD? DirectCD? Other?

I am using Nero InCD with no problems with my 1620…

good to know… i’ll give it a try.

go for 2x and above rw media…

With Nero InCD and the same media, I now have a quality score of 90, which is better than my results with Sonic DLA. But it is lower than the usual score I get with these discs…

Is the packet writing really a reliable solution?


and not to mention that I needed to trick InCD to scan the media!!! I needed to open Nero CD-DVD Speed BEFEORE inserting the media in the drive…

Im using everything you say to use with tevion 16x discs but it doesnt work