Format of .NRA and .NCD files


Assuming I am able to reverse engineer the formats of .NRA and/or .NCD files, what is the legallity of making these formats available to everyone? Are they somehow legally restricted or merely not released by the manufacturer? For my own use I have often needed the ability to modify these files at the binary level but it’s usually a struggle to change anything do to the lack of a format specification.

In any case, is it safe to assume it’s legal to write an editor (similar to an mp3 tag editor) for these files and make it freely available. Comments will be appreciated.

Ray Mitchell

From what I am told, you would run into legal trouble if you were to go into the Nero program to figure things out. However, any content you create in Nero is yours. I would encourage your efforts to edit a Nero compilation file. I have often seen a need for this.

One such example is when you create a slideshow in Nero Vision and you remove a picture the compilation calls for, it will replace it with a black picture. However, there is no way to remove this black picture.