Format madness

Hi Guys,

please can someone clarify for me, I have heard that DVD-R and DVD + R can be read by DVD players and ROMS. So I burn a DVD-R and my normal DVD-ROM can’t read it.

Where am I going wrong or have I got it all wrong?

What are you burning with (Drive and Program) and what media (MID code)?

It’s A LG GSA-4160B with Nero and teh media is Eperformance 8X DVD+R

where do I see the mid code?

You say that the media is DVD+R.
For some older players you must set the booktype. Search for booktype and bitsetting. You may need to use unofficial firmware to do so.

how do I find these unofficial firmwares?

I see my drive does officially not suport this

Use the search function, there are probably 100 posts of the subject you ask.
There might also be a forum specifically for the brand you have.

I say you got an answer to the bitsetting question in the lg forum. As far as the mid code, download this free program.
Insert a disk (blank or one that you have already burned) and it will read the mid code.