Format issues



Hi guys

I have downloaded several Fitness Dance videos off of Youtube using zamzar, and would like to put them on a DVD so i can watch it on my dvd player.

My question is, will the 3gp format videos burnt on to a dvd play in a dvd player?
Also, do i need a special program to burn it on to the dvd?

Thank you


No, the 3gp videos will not play on a dvd player. You can convert them to dvd video using DVDFlick, which is a free program found here:

DVDFlick can be set up to burn to a disk automatically when it is finished with the conversion. If you want to do this, start DVDFlick and look at Project Settings. Then click on Burning and put a check mark in the box that says [I]Burn project to disc[/I]. Make a label there, be sure your dvd burner is recognized by the program in the next line, and then set burning speed (I suggest 8x).


thanks very much
you are helping me be fit :slight_smile:
was lots easier than how i was originally going to do it
cheers :slight_smile:


i have downloaded DVD flick, but i dont know where to go in there to convert files into correct format…


DVDflick comes with a simple guide…Guess you missed it…
Here’s another guide…