Format HD

I bought and formatted a new SEA.320gb hd.and I don’t think I only got one partition.What I did, in the format stage I think that I let it format with two partitions left in the choice box. So after it was formatted it work fine, But then I formatted it again and deleted that partition and their was only one choice left and I could not delete that one. Its up and running find, but when I click on Properties i get these figures for the hard drive.USED 6,205,665,280 bites / FREE 131,427,943,424 bites / CAP 137,427,943,424 bites. Shouldn’t I be getting on the free space 320gb ?
Thanks guys

What operating system do you use? Is this hard drive your system disk, where your OS is installed? If it is not your OS hard drive and you’re using Win Vista or 7, you can resize the partition to use the entire disk with the built in partition manager.