Format Hard Drive

I want to format my samsung SP160N Hard Drive. When I Boot up I have to boot from my CDROM.

I can go through with the setup process and when the insatlation begins, my computer starts the setup process over again. When I set my bios back to boot from floopy the hard drive won’t run the instalation of Windows XP.

What am I doing wrong? Why won’t my Hard Drive continue with the Instalation process?


Hello. I’m not sure why you want to format the drive if you are going to install XP on it. What kind of computer do you have, desktop or laptop? Is this a fresh install of XP or a reinstall? Does the installation complete or not? Is this the only hard drive in the system?

So how do you have the Bios boot setup configured?? It should be like cd, hdd and or floppy setup. It sounds like you don’t have the bios boot setup correctly and you still have the cd in the cd/dvd drive and it seems to want to boot from the media??? But as Whappo said since you gave no hardware specs or setup we have no idea what your trying to do exactly??