Format for 'normal' CD?


I am wanting to copy my parent’s old LPs onto CD for them, but they only have an old CD player which doesn’t play MP3 or the likes. I’ve tried to convert the files to WMA & WAV but those haven’t worked. I have Nero with all the trimmings. What do I need to do to create a CD that’s playable on an old machine please? TIA


Rip the LP’s into Wav format and save them on your HD. You can then use Window Media Player to create an Audio Disk and burn them to disk. The process of burning the Wav files will convert them into Cda format which then allows any cd player to read the files.

It doesn’t hurt to do a test run on a CD-RW

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Thanks for that. Don’t have WMP. Nero has a ‘make audio CD’ button, which I’m sure I’ve tried, as the relevant choice, but I’ll try again.

Downloaded WMP 10, tried it on this as well as Nero & no luck. They’re listed as CD Audio Files, but they don’t work on the old machine??


Unfortunately some much older CD players won’t recognise recordable CDs (CD-R). How old is your player and what make and model number is it? Possibly some members will have the same or similar machine and have got it to work with a particular brand of CD-R…

Use BURRRN to create Audio CDs, Nero sucks for that.

You need to make an audio CD and not a data CD. Nero and
other CD burning software can do both.

Some old players can’t play CD-R. Some will play 74min CD-R
and won’t play 80min CD-R.

How old is the player. Make/model?

Various ages/brands. I have an Akai stereo here, which I’ve tried it on, My mum has a CD stacker in her few- year old (Daewoo?) car which it won’t work in, and they have an app 15yo (sharp?) stereo at home that it won’t work on.

Does the player recognize the disc or does it say “no disc”?
If it recognizes the disc you could try burning at a low speed of 4x - I understand most people say that speed it is not an important point with new burners, but I’ve a drive (Yamaha C-FE 1) that produces audio discs using a technology called HQ Master Quality that offers increase compatibility with the most difficult car players and it switches to 4x maximum speed when HQ it is selected.
You can give it a try using a 64 minutes disc.