Format for new use

i’ve had this maxtor for several years now, a 500g one touch, and want to format it so i can use it for different applications now. is it as simple as plugging it into my pc and clicking format? will this screw up it’s firmware? i want to use it to store system images rather than media which it’s chock full of.

Yes, you can plug it in and format it, as long as you don’t mind losing everything that was on it. Right click on the drive icon and you should get the option to format.

Make sure to format with NTFS rather than Fat32, since Fat32 has a 4gb file size limit.

I would think carefully about using an old drive to store anything important. Hard drives have a limited lifespan…and it´s hard to say how long. My first Maxtor, a 250GB…suddenly died after only a bit more than one year.
Consider keeping it full of the images, switched off and on the shelf, and buy a new one. They are not really so expensive anymore.