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Hello friends,
Downloaded 3 old Charlie Chan movies via uTorrent. I want to put the audio on a Sandisk MP3 player. Downloaded Format Factory but it now comes with a bunch of junk-ware so I removed it. FF doesnt allow avoiding the “extras” anymore. I think I want to convert .mov files to .mp3 files. I used FF a few years ago and it didn’t honk up my PC at that time with all the crap and it worked great, any ideas? Thanks, Meron Jacobson:confused:

I know of at least eight Charlie Chan movies that are in public domain now, and freely available. I have also seen older, legal movies available through torrents, so just because Meron has obtained these through torrents does not make them off limits for discussion in these forums.

We will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Now, on to answering his question. Try using Audacity with the ffmpeg and Lame Mp3 libraries added in. You can find Audacity here:
You can find the Lame and ffmpeg libraries here:
Once installed, click on File–>Open and navigate to your mov file. If the video format is recognized, Audacity will import the audio only. If you need to change the frequency, say your original audio is 48khz and you need 44.1khz, you can do that in the main window of Audacity at the bottom left.

You can then click on File–>Export, change the file type to MP3, and click on Options to set the bitrate. Click Save, and the audio will begin processing.

If Audacity cannot recognize the files, post again, and we can try a different tool.

Big thanks Kerry56, good call.
I forgot about Audacity 'til you mentioned it, good job. I’ll give it a go and see what happens. Do you happen to know if Audacity adds junk-ware? Thanks, Meron J.

No junk added with Audacity.

I download an awful lot of old public domain movies off of You Tube.

Typically they download as .flv files, rarely as mp4 video.
Very rarely as AVI.

Personally my container format of choice is mp4 video, mostly because unlike most video container formats it is fully compatible with my favorite tagging program, so I can fully tag the files.

Most often I convert the files to mp4 using You Tube Downloader the same program I use to download them.

Here’s a couple dozen downloadable Charlie Chan’s that are probably good quality:

Tipard Video Converter

Just use mkvmergegui and put it in an .mkv container.

Ok, I’m curious. Just for my edification hogger129, how does using Mkvmerge GUI and an mkv file help the original poster in his efforts to convert .mov video files to mp3 audio files?

If you convert the video to mp4 creating an mp3 audio file from the mp4 can be done easily by more programs than I care to try and name.


It’s been a couple months, but if the OP is still looking, AVIDeMux might be a good tool, too. You can load the film, choose ‘Null’ for the video, ‘MP3’ for the audio and let her rip.