Format CDRW

I installed Nero7 and install the latest SDK, i want from my application to format CDRW in UDF format, but i didn’t find any API to format the CD. I then think to lanuch the INCD application from my application and let the user format the CD.
I can’t lanuch the INCD from my application??? i tried the CReateProcess with InCDL.exe. i even try to run the InCDL.exe directly from windows or from comannd line without any success.

Can anybody help me???
i use Windows 2000, VC++ 6 with SP4


I’m no expert, but the documentation states this:

Can I format a disc with UDF?
It is not possible to format a disc with the NeroAPI.

However, I see that the ISOTrack BurnOptions allow you to specify creating a UDF track. you might want to investigate that option.

As far as the file lengths. Have you tried to specify the following?

How do I create a CD that is Windows readable with long file names?
Use all of the following options: