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I’m trying to give support to someone that just got a new Laptop for christmas. The problem is formating an CD RW disk to be used as a floppy(add/remove files), The computer has Windows XP Home, Sonic Recordnow 6.5.4 on it. I don’t have the Windows XP Home on my machine, I’m using the pro version. On the pro I can right mouse on the drive from My Computer and select format. XP home doesn’t seem to give this option. Recordnow does’t seem to give an option for format either. Any Ideas would be helpful. I have verified the DMA is enabled.

RED BUD, I know that your asking about XP Home but see if any of this works

Right clicked on the drive scrolled down to properties and left clicked. When the page opens it has 4 tabs, go to recording and open tab. Check “use this drive to record” and click on apply on the bottom of the page. The recorder should now show an empty cdrw when you click on the drive in my computer. You will probably need ASPI4.71.exe which is a aspi layer required for alot of copy programs to be able to write to cd’s and dvd’s. On Winxp you can highlight files and drag them to the cd icon. When you click on and open the CD after you drag the files, it will show the files ghosted with a down arrow. When you have all the files you want on the cd close it and right click on cd icon and select “write these files to cd”. A window will open for a title(defaults to the date) and press “next” The writing process will start. When the cd is done the tray will pop open. Close it and give the drive a second to read the cdrw and then open the the drive. You will see the files written to the cd. If you want to erase the whole cd right click on the drive icon and select “erase cd” this will erase all files from the drive. If you want to be able to delete files seperately then you have to make sure that the files properties are not set to read only. Any read only files (XP’s file default) can only be erased as part of a whole disk erase. Files not read only can be individualy deleted or moved off the cd. Works 4 me should work 4 U . New cdrw discs are already formatted and ready to be written to.

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“The problem is formating an CD RW disk to be used as a floppy(add/remove files)”

Sonic DLA or Nero INCD

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I want to thank thoughs that have replyed to this post. I have revived the information. But, there is no problem with the ability to burn CD’s. It is how to format the disk with the current software(Sonic Recordnow) or with windows XP home.