Format cd for old cd player

Hi, My name is Frank.
I use a Dell Dimension, boght new in 2000, 20g drive, 512ram, XP Pro, Photoshop CS, and the old thing still works great.
I recently downloaded 5 min of audio humor, burnt it onto a cd, and tried to play for a friend on his old cd player, but got no response.
Any advice on how I might format the data and put it on a cd or dvd such that it would play on the old cd player? My friend is blind, so audio is his way of entertainment.
Thanks for any help.

You need to burn the CD in Audio format. Most comprehensive burning suites such as Nero and Roxio can do that, but it might actually be easier to use a simple but dedicated utility such as Burrrn for that purpose. Burrrn is freeware.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try. Below is the address of te audio. It is very funny.

I don’t know of any burning programs that will convert SWF (Shockwave Flash) directly to CD Digital Audio, so you will probably need some conversion tool for converting or extracting the audio from the SWF file first.

I haven’t used any such program. There are such utilities to be found using Google.