Format a +RW on the Philips 610

On my old, dead, 980 when I wanted to format a +RW that I’d recorded in my pc burner, I’d put the disc in the tray, leave it open, press and hold “CLEAR” on the remote and when the disc was loaded, it would be initialised. But there is no “CLEAR” button on the remote of my 610 and there is no mention of how to do this in the (rather shoddy) manual.

Can anyone tell me if this can be done?

Use the ‘RECORD’ button in exactly the same way as you would the ‘CLEAR’. If the 610 follows the generic Philips principle then you should then get an option to either initialise the disc or replace the menu.

I already tried that, just comes up “unknown format”

It’s the “0” button that does it. No options, no confirmation. When the disc stops loading, press record and away it goes.

The tray has to be out when you hold down 0 for those that cant get this to work.

Just found out that if you press and hold “STOP”, it acts like an eject button to open or close the tray.

If it’s like the 615/37 you have to go into ‘preferences’ (system key) where you will be given the option to adapt the menu.