Forgotten prob


I have the latest Anydvd and whanever i used DVD decrypter in file mode i cannot backup my movie…
I tried another Fogotten media with no luck.
Dvddecrypter message;
failed to patch file !
reason; invalid ifo/bup

my system;

Region 1
P4 2,6 1 gig ram
Tried with different Pc DVD

  1. pioneer 109 firmwaqre 1.17
  2. LG 4160b firmware A 304
  3. LG 8163b firmware …?


Stupid question, but, why are you trying to use DVD Decrypter with AnyDVD? Use one or the other, but, both is certainly not necessary. I’d recommend AnyDVD personally, but, DVD Decrypter should work fine, too.

hummmmm, is that like using “Unleaded” & “Super Unleaded” as fuel for your car, just without the driver of the vehicle?

Unleaded is 94%
Super Unleaded is 97%

Ok ,
i am newbie to this and just download the trial of AnyDVD before going to buy it !
I dont know if the trial is the full version but it just seems to load a driver and there is no option to extract the files from DVD in AnyDVD thats why i used DVDdecripter to extract.

sorry for my simple question


@ peper66
Sorry about joking, i kinda do sometimes but this is a great site for help.

AnyDVD trial is the full version, it just have a time limit on it… a great program to use with it, is ClonDVD, CloneDVD & AnyDVD is a beginner’s dream, I have been using it for over a 1 1/2 yrs and I’m still the happest customer of all…

You can get a trial version just as AnyDVD with just the time limit @ SlySoft or @ CloneDVD site

They are the best combination ! ! ! ! :iagree:

AnyDVD will allow you to copy encrypted DVDs. It runs in the background. Use your favorite application (CloneDVD, Nero Recode, Shrink, etc) to rip/compress/and write the movie to DVD discs.

The pertinent information I think to come away with is that unlike DVD Decrypter, AnyDVD allows you to work on the original DVD directly without having to rip it first. Just load up CloneDVD, Recode, Shrink, etc and point them to the DVD…AnyDVD will decrypt it on the fly. This makes the ripping process much quicker as there’s no intermediary step of ripping the whole DVD to the hard drive first and then processing.

You can ignore this DVD Decrypter messages. Or Drag & Drop the VIDEO_TS folder to your Harddisk instead of using DVD Decrypter…
Or simply use your copy software directly on the DVD without copying (AnyDVD is magic! :slight_smile: )

Download free trial of Slysoft Any DVD and let it run in the background, I then used a programme called VobBlanker version and processed Layer Cake, and VobBlanker sure ripped it with no problems.
Once files processed run through DVD Shrink and burn.
I have copied The Forgotten, Layer Cake, Resident Evil 2 and Little Black Book using this method.
Using DVD Decrypter would decrypt but unable to compress with shrink afterwards.