Forgot to close sessions



my old puter used roxio to burn cds. i dont know why but i didnt close 1/2 my data. i gave old puter and software to junk dealer brother in law. he lost software. I would like to close those disks or just read them and reburn them

please help.


seems clear that if a reader exists its posted here. but i cant decipher which itis.


from what ive read here and major geeks i shouldnt have used easy cd4 in the first place. i beleive the way the packets are handled is different between programs and even versions of the same program. so my best option is probably to re-aquire easy cd4. amazon dont have it. maybe one of my old HD.
I have sonic now. I think it is packet writer. but i always finalize now.


You should be able to read the discs wether or not they’re closed. It’s probably best to copy the contents of a disc to a temporary map on your harddisk and rewrite the data on anohter cd disc.