Forester Research predicts Blu-Ray will win format war

I just posted the article Forester Research predicts Blu-Ray will win format war.

bytre used our news submit to tell us that survey company Forrester Research, have somehow been able to predict the winner of the Bluray battle. In a nutshell, they…

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Perhaps both formats will fail…let’s face it who’ll be willing to commit. So let’s all sit back, pull up a chair, open a bag of crisps, and watch the battle unfold…but spend not a penny on either format. Then perhaps they’ll both disappear down the tube without touching the sides… :+ Then all those involved in the apparent disaster that is the release of any of the High Definition formats will learn a valuable lesson…don’t f*** with consumers wallets!

I still can’t remember exactly who won the war as successor of the Audio-CD. Was it SACD or DVD-Audio? Or is it possible that both formats didn’t have a breakthrough? IF one format will win against DVD, it will be the one that can be copied easily to recordable discs - regardless whether these copies are legal or not. Everything else will never have a breakthrough!

There will be no “format war”. The people won’t enlist to fight for the greedy corporations trying to control the “content” of their lives.

Forester is full of st. If MS dissed it, it’s done. Why? Because the largest PC heavyweight says so. Period. No more reason is required. because yes they are that powerful Furthermore, I’m with the “both formats will fail” camp. Why? Because neither side can get their st together and consumers see their rights being trampled. DVD also has too much inertia to be easily supplanted by a new format overnight. There will be a third format and hopefully it will be more consumer oriented vis a vis DRM and also not driven by a Draconian, greedy, self-serving entity with a not-so-hidden agenda (Sony).
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I really think that one of the driving forces behind Bluray (either camp) is copy protection. Because we all know that when this new tech comes out, a new player will be required. Then, a new PIA copy scheme can be implemented. We can be sure that Hollywood would love to kiss goodbye to CSS.

I suppose neither blue laser format will win over good ol’ DVD. There is a reason for VHS,CD and DVD holding their positions. The winning formula,in my opinion, may be presented as number of criteria in this order: 1)price- media+equipment 2)copying ability 3)reliability and 4)quality. If the formula is valid, HD formats can only sport quality, that is superiority of video and sound. What they called a “managed copy” will probably mean that your legal copy will be linked to your IP or played ID and wont play anywhere else. Reliability (esp. 0.1mm layer) and initial price need no comments. So for the time being ill stick to the DVD camp with a possible upgrade to an upconverting dvd player. Cheers. FidelC