Forensic disc drive firmwares

What are some forensic disc drive firmwares? Are they open-sourced?
They could be useful for CD-RW recovery and bypassing 05/21/00 LOGICAL BLOCK ADDRESS OUT OF RANGE.
They could also bypass the SCSI read request deadlock that causes programs to freeze when reading damaged sectors.

Additionally, firmware flashing should be supported by Windows AND Linux.
Maybe, it should bypass the regional code limitation and allow spoofing recorder information + rotation engine speed directly readable by computer and even more I wrote down somewhere.
It could also enable reading HD-DVD by BD/DVD drives.
Or even purple book DDCD and HD-Burn by Sanyo.

The laser power should be manually adjustable by the PC. Apparently, damaged audio CDs are better readable at lower laser potentiometer settings!!|-Grateful-for-VideoHelp-forums

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Hi. I’m also interested in these topics but I found very few information on these.
I recommend you a book, “CD and DVD Forensics” by Syngress. In this book the author tells a way to modify a Plextor drive to bypass TOC check in order to recover erased CD-RW.
And I don’t think you’ll find such a firmware freely online, let alone open source. Firmwares are device/chipset dependent. There’re many many chipset manufacturers. They all need different firmware. These’re not open to the general public and require you to sign NDA directly with the chipset designer to gain access.
For adjusting the laser power manually by end user like you, no consumer drives allow you to do this. These are all controlled directly in fireware, which you have no access to its source. You are on your own reverse engineering them.
The only commercial solutions that enable you to adjust the laser power is Quantized’s DVD Dual and CD-RW DOW series. These are designed for blank disc manufacturers to fine tune the write strategy. But they’re long out of business.

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Drives like these may pop up on special auction sites, if you really want to get them:

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You are fantastic, bro.
You know a lot already.

In my opinion, there should exist more and higher advanced open-source software (i.e. Linux) and hardware (i.e… Pi-computer and ArdUino).

That would enhance developement,possibilities, advancement,progress and satisfied passion.