Foreign format?

I have a friend (here in the US) who recently visited her sister in South Africa and took a bunch of photos with her digital camera. Her sister dumped the contents of the camera to her computer, and then burned them to CD, verifying that she could read the CDs before bringing them back to the states.
On any US-based PC the CDs don’t show any files on them. Is there different encoding or something? I’ve tried reading these on a multiple combinations of CD/DVD readers/burners to no avail, but I can see where data has been burned on the CDs so I know they aren 't blank…

How do I read these here in the States?

Do the files show but you cannot read or open them? It could be a raw format (how many pics)? Do you see the diffrent files? I would find out how exactlly she “dumped” the files onto the disk too. If you can see the files but cannot read them, that would be a good indication that they are a raw format, especially if the files are large (10-50 meg ea or bigger). Also, do you have any good photo software, including image viewing software like acdsee? they might be able to recognise less common file formats having to do with images.

All the different CDRs, CDRWs, DVD RW drives that I’ve used don’t show any files at all, but her sister can read them on hers - in South Africa. Needless to say it takes a while to get CDs from there to here. It’s a bit of a problem trying to send a few GB of photos via email.

Have you tried to access the files using IsoBuster? It should at least show what is written on the disc.

Has the disc been finalised, or at least the session been closed?

The CDs have been finalised, and I haven’t heard of isobuster before - I’ll look for it.