Forecast: 29 Million homes to use Blu-ray

I just posted the article Forecast: 29 Million homes to use Blu-ray.

So analysts say that Blu-ray sales are going up? This news was reported a few times this week on several sites and blogs. Now a few analysts even give a number, 29.4 million households worldwide will…

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i think Not what that jackass smoking?sony shit

“By 2009 Sony’s Playstation 3 will no longer be the only succesful Blu-ray” Yeah, more like summer 2008. Tim, PS3 is definitely NOT the only successful BluRay player. It doesn’t even bitstream/deocode full HD audio and for the price it should. This is what happens when a movie format is driven by a gaming console but it’s not a good think like DVD was/is.

29 million this year LOL no WAY

Well, whatever the number will be I can tell you that my place won’t have any $ony shit in it. It’s just like operating systems and microprocessors. You usually skip a generation instead of upgrading all the time. I have XP Pro right now and will skip Vista. I’ll wait for the next bus to come along. Same thing for my computer’s CPU. I currently have e6750 and will wait for the next processor after Peneryn. I have DVD and will skip over Crap-ray. Point being, folks, is that it’s your money. You don’t have to be a mindless zombie and buy the “latest and greatest”. Odds are it isn’t the giant leap it’s made out to be. Skip a generation !!! :slight_smile: