Ford and GM sued for CD to HDD rip feature in their cars

We’ve just posted the following news: Ford and GM sued for CD to HDD rip feature in their cars[newsimage][/newsimage]

General Motors and Ford are sued by music industry because a feature in their cars allows users to rip CDs to the car’s HDD.

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wow the music companies still don’t get it. Total cash grab. It’s not going to stop piracy and who burns cd-r’s anymore. Most people using it would probably be for legit purposes. I think here in Canada you’re allowed to back up your cd’s/dvds/blurays for personal reasons as long as you don’t circumvent copy protection. CD is the only format that doesnt have copy protection… lol.

Hang on, the best (worst) is yet to come!
Eventually the Studios will figure out a way to sue those of us with an ear for music, the ability to memorise notes and god forbid actually whistle the melody!

Your welcome for the tip. :slight_smile:


If they can sue GM & Ford than what stops them from their use of copying cds from anybody that copy’s from PC’s.It’s just a way of getting their foot in the door.How many people copy off their laptops.

just Screamin’and Cryin’ the Blues

I guess having WiFi must be illegal, since music can be transfered over the network. Soon, someone will decide flash drives are illegal, too. Next, memory cards and hard drive will be dead, as they can store music. I guess Bluetooth was nice while it lasted.

I, myself have a computer with not one, but TWO CD drives, plus and external USB CD drive. I guess that makes me guilty of infringing every song ever released. To make matters worse, these are both DVD-RW drives. Then again, I suppose that doesn’t matter, since one could always convert a movie into (super) VCD (you remember those, right?). In other words, if you have a CD image mounter, such as Daemon Tools or GCDEmu, you’re going to jail as soon as the last members of your local government get those bribes.

I guess they missed the Sony MEX-1HD car stereo head unit a decade ago…