Forcing widescreen movies into full screen

i want to rip the movie Domino and put it on my iPod, but the movie is in widescreen! Is there anyway that I can rip it in full screen so that I can watch it on my iPod?

I use ImTOO DVD to iPod Converter

Sorry for delay~~
You can try to select the “Full” under the “Zoom” which at the bottom of the interface

but besides full it has (keep aspect ratio), so doesn’t that mean that it will keep the aspect ratio of the movie that’s widescreen? in domino’s case 2.40:1

What would you real want?
full screen on your ipod (have no black brink of your film) or keep the aspect ratio just extend it?

Please tell us more clearly so that we could do our best to sovle your problems

If this has caused any inconvenience to you, I do apologize.

i guess it would be to extend the aspect ratioso it fits the full screen of my ipod without losing any of the movie

Yes, you are right
I could keep aspect ratio

I’m looking around for the “full” menu mentioned…and can’t find it. Obviously it’s not the route to go. But I too want to force full-screen mode for my iPod. Pretty much the only reason I bought this app, please tell me there is a way to do that and I did waste my money on another useless app…again!