Forcing nero to show booktype settings

I just purchased Nero upgrade (from and cannot find where I can set the book type for my DVD-Video compilations. I have an NEC ND-2510A running an aftermarket firmware which supports booktype.

When I burn discs with DVDShrink (which uses the Nero SDK), the book type comes out as DVD-ROM, but discs burned with Nero itself are showing DVD+R. I don’t even see a checkbox for droplist for selecting booktype in Nero itself.

Is there a registry setting or preference somewhere I can change to force Nero to show the booktype setting controls?


Hello !

1st, to choose the Booktype with a 2500/2510, you must install the 2.06 firmware (you can find links from the forum).

2nd, go in the “recorder” menu, click “choose recorder” ; in the window where you nec is displayed, click the “options” button and you can choose the booktype.

If I’m right, this settings is only active for double layer discs (DVD+R9) !

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Thomas Olivaux

I’m actually using an HP based firmware, v2.21 (removed riplock and added bitsetting for DVD+R). On the Choose Recorder… window, Nero doesn’t display any booktype options–that’s what I’d like to force it to show.

I guess it’s not a big deal because I was able to set the rive default to DVD-ROM for DVD+R using DVDInfoPro and it seems to be working, but it would still be nice to have the option visible in Nero.

I noticed that there is a setting in nero/choose recorder/options/ “write extended lead out on double layer discs”.

i just recorded a movie using my nec 2510 fw206… and the resulting copy plays fine on both my dvd burners, but not on an old toshiba sd_r1102 reader nor will it play on my set top Sanyo player. I had the bitsetting set for DVD-ROM. I did not have the extended lead out for double layer discs set.

My question is: What is the extended lead out for and is it necessary with DL discs?


Sorry, I don’t know anything about the extended lead out and can’t help you there. Best of luck! :slight_smile:

I’d like to thank all you guys and also Matt_382 for posting about “Booktype”. I was pulling my hair out wondering why the data DL disc’s I burned would only be read by Dual layer reader/writers. I clicked on the “Booktype” link and the info there allowed me to set Nero to DVD-ROM and now my data DVD’s are read on every DVD reader/writer I’ve encountered.
Thanks again.